Chinese Herbs: Nature's Pharmacy

Chinese Herbs have been used safely for over 3000 years. They are gentle on the body and help treat physical illness, restore emotional balance, and help maintain health and well-being.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Along with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs are primary tools used in the treatment of most conditions. Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture complement each other beautifully and their effects on the mind-body overlap slightly.

While Acupuncture focuses more on functional activities of the nervous system, Chinese Herbs primarily provide nourishment and regulate the internal organs. Together, their therapeutic actions can powerfully influence health.

Combining Chinese Herbs to address individual needs.

Chinese Herbal formulas are prescribed based upon a patient's diagnosis according to Chinese medical theory.

Chinese herbs are divided into various medicinal categories based on their therapeutic functions. Individually, each Chinese Herb influences a unique set of actions within the body. Occasionally, single Chinese herbs are prescribed by themselves to treat simple illnesses. More commonly however, several Chinese Herbs are combined to make complex formulas designed to address the unique nature of each individual's circumstance.

Most Chinese herbal formulas are generally comprised of 4-18 different medicinal substances. Individual Chinese herbs are combined to influence disharmonies within many different parts of the body simultaneously, as well as complementing each others actions and minimizing any potential side-effects.

We Use The Highest Quality Chinese Herbal Medicinals Available

Our Chinese Herbal products come from come from highly respectable manufacturers who take great care in assuring quality, potency, purity, and authenticity. We take pride in the products we offer. You can be assured that WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE QUALITY in any product we offer.



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