Treating Acute and Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is a safe, natural, and effective treatment option for reducing pain and promoting the body's innate healing process to recover from painful conditions.


Acute and Chronic Pain

People often come in to pursue acupuncture after conventional treatment has failed to help them. Many people could have prevented unnecessary procedures.

Surgery and medications are not always the best option. Acupuncture should be considered before some surgeries and to help reduce dependence on medication.

Professor Sun Peilin, a noted acupuncture pain specialist in China summarized the effects of Acupuncture & Oriental treatment for pain in the following ways:

1)  To relieve pain completely, or give as much relief as possible.

2)  To reduce pain levels.

3)  To improve the ability to deal with pain.

4)  To regulate the emotion

5)  To increase energy

6)  To increase the ability to perform everyday functions

7)  To enhance the quality of life

8)  To reduce reliance on inappropriate Medications.


The list below shows some of the pain conditions treated at Practice Longevity with acupuncture:

Generalized Body Pain

Pain Due to Cancer

Facial Pain

Ear, Eye, and Nose Pain

Tooth, Mouth and Tongue Pain

Throat Pain & Painful Swallowing

Rib, Chest & Breast Pain

Abdominal & Stomach Pain

Head Pain

Neck Pain

Upper, Middle and Lower Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Arm & Elbow Pain

Wrist, Hand & Finger Pain

Hip Pain

Leg & Knee Pain

Ankle, Foot & Toe Pain


This list is not exclusive, if you are not sure if your conditions falls under this specialty, feel free to call us at (262) 901-0053.



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